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How Can You Deal With Tenants Who Have Pets in Alberta?

January 6th, 2017 · Latest News, Pets, tenant screening

 Alberta Landlords and Pets

Alberta landlords and Pets – By running a credit check you can talk to real past landlords to find out how tenants with pets left their rental property

The reality is Alberta landlords love animals and many of us have pets of our own.

A lot of tenants and some in the Alberta media want to make Edmonton landlords and small landlords across the province out to be mean-spirited and hate pets. There are constant news reports of small landlords refusing tenants with pets because of being “mean” or being “unreasonable”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Smart Alberta landlords know we are running a business. If tenants don’t pay rent, the government doesn’t come in and subsidize us. We are small business people and we have to protect our properties and our rental business!

If tenants leave with lots of trash around and damages, we are the people who pick up the costs. The government won’t write us a nice big cheque to cover everything.

We love animals and pets but the reality is Alberta landlords are worried about the damages pets can do to our rental properties.

Alberta Landlords – How To Protect Yourself From Renters with Pets

Our last story about renting to tenants with pets led to a lot of emails coming in.

Here is one email from a tenant in Red Deer:

“You story about tenants with pets was very upsetting to me.”

Oh boy, that was just the beginning.

“Landlords here are just rude and even say “no pets” when you can get a nice big fat non-refundable deposit that you will never repay even when tenants leave and the place is spotless.”

Here’s more:

“What is wrong with you landlords? I’m a responsible tenant and an amazing pet owner and you can trust me with my dogs and cats. Oh, just because I also have an aquarium I’m somehow bad? Give me a break!”

It continues:

“I rented in Toronto for the past 5 years and they have good rules for tenants. You can say ‘no pets’ in the lease but tenants are allowed to bring in as many pets as we want once we move in!”

And here’s the kicker where they take it to ridiculous extremes:

“We need these rules in Alberta to stop you snobby landlords from refusing pets for no reason. What’s next, no kids? WTF!?”

Tenant Credit Checks

Lots of landlords in Alberta have faced huge costs due to the damage pets have made in their rental properties.

For tenants wanting to change the system, Ontario landlords know tenants being allowed to bring in pets despite the fact they signed a lease saying they won’t is a disaster. It makes landlords rightfully suspicious and if they even get a hint a tenant might have pet they will refuse them.

Real Former Landlords

A credit check will show you the real addresses of the person who wants to rent from you. New landlords need to be aware bad tenants will often give you fake past addresses. A credit check solves this and shows you the truth.

You can then contact these current and past landlords to make sure the tenants took care of their pets and didn’t leave a lot of pet related damages.

Renting to Tenants With Pets

Make sure you join the Alberta Landlords Association for a low one-time registration fee and begin running premium credit checks on your tenants to make sure you know who you are really renting to. By running a TVS credit check you will be able to see the current and past rental addresses of the person who want to rent from you.

This is incredible information for you! You can then contact the owners/landlords of these addresses to get the ‘real story’ on the people who want to rent your income property!

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How To Start Running Credit Checks on Your Prospective Tenants

January 1st, 2017 · credit check, Latest News, tenant screening

 Alberta landlord credit check tenants

Alberta landlords have certainly been in the news recently. It all started when Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi claimed landlords in his city were gouging tenants with huge and greedy rent increases. He went as far as to claim Calgary landlords viewed owning a rental property as a get rich quick scheme.

Mayor Nenshi also claimed he was a small residential landlord himself and made sure to only increase the rent slightly and is still getting a decent return on his investment. Interestingly enough the Mayor didn’t talk about the rising cost of utilities in his city.

He also failed to mention that it was only five years ago during the economic downturn that rents were not rising and landlords were having trouble even finding a tenant to rent their property.

Is Being An Alberta Landlord A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

No, it’s not at all. Landlords make an investment and hope for a decent return on it. This is how just about every business operates.

While vacancy rates are low now things may change in a year or two. Landlords also have to make sure they rent to qualified tenants who won’t stop paying rent or setting up a grow-op or worse.

Successful Landlords Need Good Tenants

Successful Alberta landlords know how important it is to vet your tenants before renting to them.

There have been some media stories have new Alberta landlords also waking up to the fact that screening your tenants and making sure you know who you are renting to is the key thing to do for your rental property.

After all, tenants who have rented to tenants on a ‘good feeling’ and collecting money up front have faced these same ‘nice tenants’ quickly putting in marijuana grow-ops, making huge damages, or in the case of an Edmonton landlord recently there was extreme violence.

Running a Credit Check Before Renting Out Your Rental Property

The only real way Alberta landlords have to learn about their potential tenants is to run a credit check on your tenants.

A credit check will show you the ‘real facts’ about the people who want to rent your investment property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

A tenant credit will show you the “cold hard truth” about the people who want to rent from you. There is no need to listen to their wonderful stories or trust your gut instinct.

The worst tenants have rehearsed to trick landlords.

What Does A Tenant Credit Check Tell Me?

A tenant credit check is your only real protection as a landlord. After all, even a one month deposit won’t help if a tenant leaves you with thousands of dollars in damages.

1. Credit Score

You get to see if the tenants really pay their bills on time. A high score means they are financially reliable people who pay their bills…including paying rent on time.

2. Employment

You can see real employers and contact them for a ‘real’ reference. Professional tenants often provide a friend’s cell phone number to act as their employer. It’s a complete sham.

3. Past Addresses

You get to see where the people who want to rent your property really live and where they have lived before. This means you can contact their ‘real’ landlords and not friends who are faking as their landlords and will give you a big story that is not true.

How Can I Run A Credit Check on My Tenants?

There are associations in the province that can assist you. There are companies which offer small landlords a quick and efficient way to screen your tenants for as low as $10/check.

It’s an amazing deal for Alberta landlords and designed to help you find good tenants and succeed as a landlord!

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Alberta Landlords – Make Sure You Know Who You Renting To With A Tenant Credit Check!

October 8th, 2014 · Alberta landlord credit check, Alberta Landlords Association

 Alberta landlord credit check criminal tenants murder

Alberta Landlords – You Can Run Credit Checks on Tenants For Only $10/Check and Verify Who Your Tenant Really Is!

Successful Alberta landlords know the important of good tenant screening.

After all, when you rent to someone and hand over the keys to them they have a lot of power over your life.

1. No Rent

For example, if they refuse to pay rent or damage your property it’s easy to be out tens of thousands of dollars.

What would you do if your tenants suddenly stopped paying? Could you cover your mortgage? Do you have a back-up plan in case tenants don’t pay rent for months while you try to evict them?

2. Damages To Your Rental Property

Or if they made significant damages to the property and you had to pay for the repairs. Do you have thousands of dollars on hand to re-paint, fix doors and windows or worse?

3. Grow Ops and Drugs

What if your tenant decides to build a grow-op? Are you prepared for police raids, months of vacancy, and tens of thousands of dollars in repairs?

Edmonton Landlady Stabbed To Death By Tenant

The news from the Edmonton Journal that a 24 year old tenant has allegedly beat and then stabbed his landlord to her death is sad and frightening. After he allegedly killed her he tried to cover up the crime by setting the house on fire.

A tenant named Juan Rolan Checkel was charged last week.

The charge is first-degree murder, possession of an offensive weapon and arson. Police said he had only been a tenant at the landlords home for a few months.

It took over ninety minutes work by over 45 brave fire-fighters to control the arson attempt to cover up the murder of the landlord!

Alberta Landlords – Make Sure You Check Who You Are Renting To!

You can join the Alberta Landlords Association and begin running premium credit checks for only $10/check.

A tenant credit check will give you the information you need to know who you are renting to. It will help you rent to all the good tenants out there and avoid the bad tenants.

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Alberta Landlord – How To Protect Yourself From Renters with Pets

September 1st, 2014 · Alberta Landlords Association, Latest News, Pets, Tenant Credit check

 Alberta Landlords - How To Protect Yourself From Renters with Pets

Alberta Landlords – Protect Your Rental Property With Tenant Credit Checks, This Includes From Renters With Pets

Experienced Alberta landlords know tenant screening is the key to success. This means verifying everything the people who want to rent from you say to you.

Credit checks are also important when you are dealing with renters who have pets.

Renters With Pets

There have been media reports of complaints of Alberta renters with pets having difficulties finding a good property to rent.

According to these reports in Metro news the low vacancy rate and rules in Alberta are making some tenants to claim things are unfair.

The fact Alberta landlords can charge damage deposits and refuse to rent to people with pets can be startling to renters coming from Ontario.

Ontario landlords are faced with the fact ‘no pet’ clauses in a lease aren’t legal and this means tenants regularly say they have no pets, and then as soon as they move in they bring dogs and cats.

Pets Can Cause Damages and Create Problems

A story in the Edmonton Journal about a Edmonton renter who was fined $6,000 after authorities had to rescue the 12 cats he kept in his disgustingly rental property is something all Alberta landlords are worried about.

His Edmonton landlord contacted the Humane Society while evicting the tenant and his Mum from the rental unit.

The Edmonton Humane Society went to the property and found the main floor of the house was filled with junk and the basement was filled with cats.

Animal Protect Officers said the cats were cased and even had trouble breathing with the suffocating smell. The cats were forced to live in their own feces and urine and had a lack of both water and food.

The tenant said he and his Mother never wanted to harm the animals but he became depressed due to being unemployed and the situation just ‘got out of hand’ and they suffered and he got evicted.

It will cost the landlord thousands of dollars to fix the house and get it into a condition where it can be re-rented.

How Can A Tenant Credit Check Protect Landlords From Renters With Pets?

A pet deposit only protects you to a certain limit. After all, even a $500 pet deposit might not cover the costs of a renter who isn’t responsible with their pets.

A tenant credit check helps landlords in a lot of ways. Here are two of them:

#1 Renters With Good Credit Are Responsible and Don’t Want To Lose Their High Score

A high score means a history of paying your bills on time and being financially responsible.

A high credit score also allows you to get a mortgage, a credit card, lease a car, etc. It’s something you don’t want to lose by not paying rent or damaging a rental property.

# 2 Tenant Credit Checks Show Real, Verified Current and Past Landlords

On the tenant credit check you will see past addresses. This allows you to contact past landlords and find out the real story on how the tenants behaved.

How Can I Run Credit Checks On Renters?

You can become a member of the Alberta Landlords Association and start running credit checks on renters for only $10 per check from your own office or home computer.

For only an affordable one time set up fee you get credit checks and also networking and the Alberta Rental Kit filled with premium rental documents.

Alberta Landlords – Whether It’s Pets Or Other Tenant Issues Make Sure you Protect Yourself By Running Tenant Credit Checks Before Handing Over The Keys!

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Alberta Landlords – How To Protect Yourself From Bad Tenants

August 1st, 2014 · Alberta landlords, Alberta Landlords Association, Tenant Credit check

Alberta Landlords - How To Protect Yourself From Bad Tenants

Alberta Landlords – Use Tenant Credit Checks To Protect Yourself From Bad Tenants

Experienced Alberta landlords know that while there are lots of great renters out around there are also those who can cause lots of trouble.

When you rent to some of thousands of good tenants in Alberta you will get your rent on time and being a landlord will be a profitable and happy experience.

But shows like Income Property with Scott McGillivray on HGTV only like to show you the happy, success stories of smiling landlords and cheerful tenants getting along and singing “kumbiya” with each other.

There is also a dark to this industry.

It’s important for landlords to stay positive, but to also know what can go wrong if you rent to the wrong tenants.

It’s a strong reminder to make sure you screen your tenants well and always include a tenant credit check to verify a potential tenant’s information, including past addresses.

The story in the Calgary Herald on July 18th, 2014 will leave you feeling sad and angry.

A prisoner named Dean Victor Gosse (age 44) is about to be set free from jail. He will have served only two thirds of his sentence for murdering Wendy Marie Hewko back in 2007.  

Hewko was his landlord. Gosse rented her basement apartment.

Gosse didn’t pay his rent and Hewko asked him to pay or be evicted. An argument began as Gosse refused to pay and in in what authorities called a “crack cociaine fueled rage” he grabbed his landlord and threw her across the room.

He didn’t stop there.

Continuing to smoke more crack he then grabbed a large knife and a hatchet and dismembered her body. He made sure to take her ring.

Gosse hid various body parts near the Bow River and then escaped to another province.

Protect Yourself By Screening Tenants Carefully 

This is only one of too many stories of tenants being violent towards residential landlords.

It’s important to make sure you know who you are renting to before handing over the keys to your rental property.

Run Tenant Credit Checks

In Alberta we aren’t allowed to run criminal checks on prospective tenants.

This means running a tenant credit check is even more important!

A tenant credit check will allow you to see verified information on potential tenants that can tell you a lot of them.

#1 Current and Former Landlords

You will see who their current and former landlords are. This allows you to contact these landlords and find out how the tenants have behaved in the past.

#2 Current and Former Employers

You will get REAL information on where the tenants works and where they have worked in the past. Are they good employees? Do they keep stable jobs? You can find out the truth.

# 3 Credit Score

A tenant credit check will show if the tenants pay their bills on time and if they are financially responsible. 

Ontario landlords already know using tenant credit checks can make sure you avoid to renting to “Tenants From Hell.”

BC landlords are also beginning to see the power of running tenant credit checks as running them would have prevented small landlords from losing tens of thousands of dollars in lost rent from a couple of serial bad tenants.

Alberta Landlords Protect Yourself!

It used to be expensive and complicated to run credit checks. It’s not complicated or expensive anymore!

Make sure you rent to all the good tenants out there.

You can join the Alberta Landlords Association for only a low one-time registration fee. No annual fees!

Once you are a member you can start running premium tenant credit checks on tenants for only $10 /check from your own home or office computer to make sure you know who you are renting to!

Join the Alberta Landlords Association and start making sure you know who you are renting to and protect yourself from bad tenants!

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Credit Check Alberta: How Can Landlords Check Tenants Before Renting To Them?

May 25th, 2014 · Alberta landlords, Tenant Credit check

 Alberta Landlord Credit check How Can Landlords Check Tenants Before Renting To Them Avoid Grow op

Alberta Landlords Can Do Credit Checks on Tenants For Only $10 Per Check And Avoid Bad Tenants!

In our last Alberta Landlord Credit Check blog we wrote about the wonderful opportunities out there for rental property owners in 2014

We have the lowest vacancy rates in Canada and according to the Globe and Mail our economy is booming and our housing market is set to surge.

This makes the story at the Alberta Landlords site a huge warning for landlords to make sure they screen their tenants carefully.

A news report by CBC news tells the story of a landlord in Calgary who rented to a couple of tenants for his basement suite.  

The Calgary Landlord is Steve Habbi. He is now suing his former renters for $105,000. This is the damages they made to the house building a large grow-op in his basement suite which was raided by police.

The damages by the ex-tenants and the stress the landlord suffered led him to sell his rental property at a financial loss.

After this experience he didn’t want to continue to be a residential landlord.

Why Did the Landlord Rent To This Couple?

When he first met the couple he found the tenants very nice and extremely excited about renting his basement.

The couple explained to the landlord how the fact there was an elementary school across the street from the house made it a perfect fit for them and their young son.

Habbi called the potential tenants’ references.

He contacted both the personal references they provided to him and their work reference.

The references he called seemed to okay and based on this he rented to them.

How Did The Tenants Destroy His Rental Property?

Landlord Habbi was driving home from his job and when he arrived near the rental property he was shocked.

The police were raiding his rental property!

He said it was like out of a movie, with police officers wearing riot gear and bio-suits with guns ready.

The police found his tenants had created a marijuana drug grow-op in the basement with over 200 marijuana plants.

The tenants were arrested and the mould and other damages to his rental were over $100,000.

In order to try to recover his losses, Habbi is now trying to sue his ex-tenants.

The Landlord Comments On the What Happened With These Bad Tenants

Habbi says he checked the tenant’s references.

He also can’t believe how “people who seem so friendly to your face run something like that?”

Many people think only BC landlords have to worry about grow-ops. It’s not so.

He advises other landlords to conduct regular home inspections to make sure there aren’t grow-ops being built in your rental.

How Can You Avoid Bad Tenants?

This landlords’ problem was his screening system was incomplete and not thorough enough.

No one should have the house destroyed but the reality is these types of bad tenants are all over Alberta and they want to rent to you.

You have to protect yourself.

Good Tenant Screening Always Includes a Credit Check on Your Potential Tenants

Habbi should have done credit checks on both tenants.

1. Personal References

Personal references are very easy to fake.

Tenants can simply tell their friends what to say to a landlord who calls them.

Or the references can be people who like the tenants but don’t know them very well and don’t know what they are really like.

The worst tenants can be very friendly and attractive people.

2. Employment References

These are important but they are only one step of a good tenant screening process.

People can act one way at their job and another away from it.

Also, many people can change jobs and leave their past behind. This is especially true in Alberta where so many people are arriving from other provinces.

3. Credit Check

A credit check should have been conducted on both tenants.

A credit check gives you the “cold, hard truth” about potential renters.

You can see if where they live and have lived, their level of financial responsibility, and if they have a stable background.

A credit check is a window into your potential tenants financial situation and financial history. It’s a key tool to ensure Alberta Landlords succeed.

How Can I Do Credit Checks On My Tenants?

In the past landlords who wanted to do credit checks faced high costs and expensive fees.

This has changed.

You can join the Alberta Landlords Association for a one-time registration fee of $99.

Yes, one-time registration fee…no annual fee!

You can then get access to premium credit checks from Equifax and TVS for only $10 per check!

You will get access to a toll-free number to assist you start doing credit checks.

You will get a credit score, addresses, any debts or collection agents chasing the tenants, and even a recommendation on whether or not you should rent to these tenants.

Alberta Landlord Credit Check

Alberta landlords, make sure you rent to good tenants. Make a credit check part of your screening process.

You can protect your rental business for $10! It’s worth it!

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Alberta Landlords – You Can Get Credit Checks For Only $10/Check, Rent To Great Tenants!

May 12th, 2014 · Alberta landlord credit check, Alberta landlords

 Sudbury Ontario landlords tenant credit check

Alberta Landlords – Become a Member of the Alberta Landlords Association and Find Great Tenants! No Annual Fee And You Get Premium Credit Checks for Only $10 Per Credit Check!

With our strong economy Alberta landlords know there are lots of great tenants out there wanting to rent from you.

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) we have the lowest vacancy rates in Canada and the economy is growing the fastest in the nation.

What Are Great Tenants?

These tenants respect you and your rental property. They pay the rent on time and follow the rules in your lease.

These are the type of tenants that make being a landlord fun and profitable.

Unfortunately there are also a lot of people you shouldn’t rent to.

We’ll call these people ‘pro tenants.’

How Can Renting To A Pro Tenant Cost You?

There have been lots of stories about bad tenants costing landlords thousands of dollars in lost rent.

And not only in other provinces such as what BC landlords are facing. There are challenges right here in Alberta!

According to a CBC news report one recent case is what happened to Calgary landlord Steve Habbi.

He rented to a couple who were friendly and were very excited to rent his property because there was a school across the street for their child to attend.

Habbie thought it all ‘made sense’ and he rented to them.

Less than a year later he was driving home and saw police cars all around his rental property.

A closer look showed officers in full gear busting his tenants and their large scale marijuana grow op!

This is what Habbi said: “I came home from work and saw basically a police raid in action.”

He continued by saying “People in bio suits and bullet-proof vests and guns and things like this, which was really surprising to me … How do people who seem so friendly to your face run something like that?”

Damages to the property were over $105,000.

Habbi sold the property at a loss and is now trying to sue his former tenants for the money. It will be long and difficult struggle to collect any money from his former tenants.

You can read the full story at ‘Calgary Landlord Finds Marijuana Grow-op In the Basement of His Rental Property

How Can I Make Sure I Rent to Great Tenants and Avoid the Pro Tenants?

One of the best ways to do so is to always do a credit check on your potential renter.

What Does a Credit Check Tell Me About The Potential Tenant?

A tenant credit check provides landlords with important information on their potential renters.

It allows you to go beyond ‘gut’ feelings and ‘nice stories’ and see who your potential renters really are.

This is a Great Tool For Landlords!

Yes, and it’s what smart and successful landlord do to make sure they protect their rental business.

How Do I Do a Credit Check?

You can become a member of the Alberta Landlords Association for a one-time fee.

Once you are member you can do credit check from TVS or Equifax for only $10 per credit check!

.Alberta Landlords – Become a Member of the Alberta Landlords Association and Get Premium Credit Checks For Only $10/check from your Home or Office Computer. 

Protect your Landlord Business With Easy To Use, Comprehensive Credit Checks at an Incredibly Low Cost!

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